F  A  Q

What files should I submit? 

Send the files in the native resolution, whatever resolution it has been recorded and processed in. It can be anywhere from 44.1k to 192kHz. Bit rate should be 24bit or 32 bit. Please avoid submitting 16bit.


How much headroom should I leave?

The mix should have an RMS of -18dBFs, or if you measure peak levels, they should be at -6dBFs. 


What else should I do to prepare for the mastering session?

Send song titles, artist name, project title, and song sequence. Make sure spelling and capitalization is accurate as this information will be embedded in the songs metadata. If you have specific wishes for transitions between songs, you can also send a guide track and we will match it in the final product. 

If you have alternative mixes such as Instrumental, Acapella, and Radio edit, please submit them along with the main mix so they can be processed in the same session. Will save you time and money!


How much does it cost to master a song?

Rates vary based on the type of project. Please send us an email and we’ll tailor the price based on your needs. 


What is the turnaround time? 

We try to get the tracks back to you as soon as possible. Especially if you have tight deadlines! For singles,  it typically takes me 1-2 days. For EPs, 2-3 days. For full length albums up to 5 days. 


Do you work remotely? Can I attend the mastering session?

Yes and yes! We do most of my work remotely, but you are welcome to attend the mastering session!


What are ISRC codes? Why should I get them? How do I obtain them? 

ISRC are the International Standard Recording Codes, a 12-digit unique identifier for sound recordings and music video recordings. It's the digital fingerprint of recordings. It helps track sales and airplays for royalties collection.

To obtain a code, visit the US ISRC Agency at urisrc.org,  and register an account. There is a one-time $95 application fee for the allocation of a Registrant Code after which you have up to 100,000 codes per year. You are covered for life! :)

You can also obtain single codes from the distributor platform that serves as ISRC Manager. In the long run, this is more costly single codes are sold for about $7.

Please note that ISRC are not the same as UPC codes which identify physical products such as CDs. 


What files should I upload to streaming platforms? YouTube? What should I send to the replication facility? 

You should you use the high resolution files (native sample rate, 24bit) for all streaming platforms. For YouTube and music videos, use 48K, 24bit files. If you are sending files to a replication facility, send DDP files. We will also send you low resolution files (44.1K, 16bit) in case you need to press CDs at home or if you just need a set of lighter files. 


Do you master for Vinyl?

Yes! If you wish to distribute your music on vinyl, we should discuss the project length and create a Side A and Side B track lists. We will send a separate set of files for vinyl cutting. 


Do you do consultations?

Yes, you can book consultations for a track or a project. For consultations on single tracks, there is a fee of $50. For consultations on whole albums, there is an hourly fee of $200.